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Keith Urban Delivers a Spectacular Medley of Marty Robbins Hits

In 2009, the ACM (Academy of Country Music) paid tribute to the influential artists of previous decades whose music laid the foundation for the country music we cherish today. As part of this commemoration, a gathering of contemporary artists was assembled to perform iconic songs from the past. Amidst the celebration of these legendary figures, George Strait was bestowed with the prestigious title of Artist of the Decade during the event.

One of the standout moments of the ACM Artist of the Decade All-star Concert was when Keith Urban took the stage to pay homage to the legendary Marty Robbins. Urban, armed with his trusty guitar, opened his performance with a brief introduction honoring Robbins and sharing personal anecdotes about his connection with the singer. He affectionately expressed his admiration, describing Robbins as “the coolest guy ever.”

Keith Urban’s tribute to Marty Robbins kicked off with a rendition of “Singing the Blues,” during which he skillfully showcased his yodeling talents, earning him a round of applause from the audience. Transitioning seamlessly, Urban then performed a guitar riff that led into Robbins’ most renowned hit, “El Paso.” The medley culminated with the infectious melody of “A White Sport Coat and A Pink Carnation.” Robbins himself would surely have felt immense pride hearing Urban’s heartfelt rendition of his songs.

The songs chosen for Urban’s performance hold a special place in the country music canon. “Singing the Blues,” originally composed by Melvin Endsley and recorded by Robbins in 1956, reached the pinnacle of the country charts, marking Robbins’ second number one hit. “El Paso,” released in 1959, stands as Robbins’ greatest hit, claiming the top spot on both the country and pop charts. Following closely, “A White Sport Coat and A Pink Carnation,” released a year after “Singing the Blues,” became Robbins’ third number one country single. These chart-toppers showcased at the ACM concert are indeed cherished gems in the rich tapestry of country music history.

For a captivating display of Keith Urban’s yodeling prowess and heartfelt tribute to Marty Robbins, be sure to watch his performance at the ACM All-star concert, an unforgettable moment that celebrated the enduring legacy of country music.

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