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Kelly’s High Notes, With Ethereal Ease, Recall Whitney’s Captivating Style

The collaboration between Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson on “Shallow” is a delightful surprise. Originally a hit from Gaga and Bradley Cooper, Clarkson’s vocals add extraordinary harmony and depth to the song.

A talented YouTuber, Blighght, combined live renditions from Gaga and Clarkson, creating a mashup that’s convincingly authentic. It wasn’t until I read the video description that I realized it was a clever edit, given how effortlessly their voices meld together in this track. This unique rendition has garnered over 4.6 million views on YouTube.

The mashup starts with Clarkson’s rendition, delivering the opening verse with a subtle and heartfelt touch. Gaga follows suit, maintaining the mellow mood while accompanying herself on the piano. They alternate in the pre-chorus with powerful vocals, culminating in a harmonious chorus.

The synergy of Gaga and Clarkson’s vocal prowess on this track is a real delight, with Blighght’s arrangement making it seem as though they were destined to perform this song together. A live collaboration between the two would be phenomenal, given the vocal chemistry they share.

Clarkson’s cover of “Shallow,” performed live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, showcases her gift for choosing covers that resonate with her style. She expressed her admiration for the original Gaga-Cooper performance and humorously noted the absence of a Bradley Cooper equivalent in her performance. Clarkson highlighted the similarities and differences between herself and Gaga, particularly their shared passion for music.

Despite the contrast between the country-pop essence of “Shallow” and Gaga’s dance-pop repertoire, the song stands as one of Gaga’s most iconic tracks, leading her Spotify streams with over 2.2 billion listens, significantly outpacing her other hits like “Poker Face.”

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