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Willie Nelson and Tony Bennett Beam with Joy During Their Rendition of “On The Sunny Side Of The Street”

Willie Nelson and Tony Bennett radiate joy and camaraderie as they deliver “On The Sunny Side Of The Street” with their signature styles.

Tony Bennett’s “Duets II” album soared to the top of the US Billboard 200 upon release, securing platinum status in both the US and Canada, and eclipsing a million sales. The 2012 Grammy Awards recognized the album with the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album honor.

This acclaimed album brought together Bennett and a host of musical giants, including Lady Gaga, Aretha Franklin, John Mayer, Willie Nelson, Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, and more, for a series of memorable duets.

The collaboration between Tony Bennett and Willie Nelson on “On The Sunny Side Of The Street” was particularly lauded for the seamless harmony and natural synergy of their voices. Their rendition was marked by a serene yet captivating quality that resonated with fans.

Throughout the performance, the mutual respect and enjoyment between Nelson and Bennett are evident. Their exchanged smiles and nods during the song highlight their seamless interaction. A highlight of the performance is Willie Nelson’s guitar solo, during which Bennett encourages him with a warm, “go and play it.”

Willie Nelson shared his fondness for the performance’s intimate feel, likening it to singing in a cozy club setting, which he particularly enjoys. This laid-back atmosphere added a special touch to their rendition of the song.

Experience their delightful performance by clicking below.

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